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Created by the owners of Majour-Magazine.com. Shop-Majour.com is celebrated by the style conscious, trend-savvy, curvy shopper that likes to stand out! Majour has set out to become the go to brand for curvy women sizes 6-24 that crave fashion forward garments and accessories. Shop-Majour.com features unique limited edition in house designed collections.  A phenomenon in the fashion world, Shop-Majour.com provides the curvy shopper aka #MajourGal with a selection of cutting edge fashions that are always in style and even more important always turning heads!

Why Shop Majour?

Unlike most brands. We don’t follow trends we create them!

What Is A Majour Gal?

She is a style conscious, curvy, unapologetic, curvy women that loves to stand out!

What's Our Goal?

To keep our Majour Gals laced in one of a kind fashions!
To be featured on our blog!

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