When we got the call that Jasmine Sullivan wanted to wear our Epic Fringe Dress  as one of her show opening costumes for her 2015/2016 tour. We were totally excited!  Afterwards everyone kept asking us how we landed such a big opportunity shortly after launching the Majour brand. To everybody’s surprise the opportunity kind of happened on it’s own!  Jasmine Stylist had seen some of our pcs online. So when the time came for Jasmine to rock a show worthy dress. Her stylist thought of us and we will forever be grateful that he did and for the opportunity!

Everyone kept asking us how did we land such a big opportunity!

We received so much love after Jasmine shouted us out on her Instagram page. After that more calls from celebrity stylist started to roll in. The dress was almost sold before her tour started. But after Jasmine rocked our dress during her Yahoo Live performance the bulk of our collection quickly sold out. So we have to thank Jasmine for the shout out and for being Majour in our design during her epic show! If you missed the show, scroll below to see more video footage of Jasmine rocking our Epic Fringe Dress during her Yahoo Live performance!

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