We were totally hype when we heard that Majour gal Kelly Augustine had taken the time out to spotlight us as one of her Designers to watch after reviewing our 2015/2016 collection.  All of the loved we received from some of the plus size industry hottest bloggers and personality’s had our hearts full of joy. The entire Majour Team still does the ugly face cry just thinking about it lol.   Don’t take our words for it. Check out what Kelly had to say below!

I love the brilliance of plus size independent designers and shops. Because of the limited options we have (with the options that are available are mostly one-note), certain designers and shops push their creativity. When Shop Majour landed in my inbox, I was absolutely blown away. There’s nothing absolutely nothing mundane here.

Shop Majour‘s Spring 2015/2016 collection is not for the faint of heart; for women who love to make a statement and have a bold sense of style. The particular appeal for me is that all of the Shop Majour in-house items are limited edition, so it’d be close to impossible to find someone else in your outfit! If you’re looking for some more Majour vibe, check out Majour Magazine. Click here to see the full story

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