If you’re a plus size women and you like to shop. Chances are you have heard of the one an only. Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. For years along side thousands of curvy women. We’ve watched Marie shout out some of the industry’s hottest pro curve brands. So when she did a spotlight on us. Gals we were all jumping with joy and excitement. Check out what she said about our 2015/2016 collection by scrolling below.

I love that there are so many new indie designers, retailers, and boutiques. If you have been following me for a minute, then you know I love sharing with you the newest and latest in plus size fashion and do my best to help you out along the way! So today, I have a new online store for you to shop, one whose imagery is sharp, sexy, edgy and fun- one that I am inclined to shop- just from pictures alone! Meet plus size online boutique set to launch later today, Shop Majour!

shop-majour 2015/2016

Marie Denee's Thought's

Curvy girls that love to make a statement and have a BOLD sense of style. The Spring 2015 collection features unique dresses, tops and jackets in sizes 10 – 24. All of the clothing in our in-house collection is limited edition (yes everything!), so no one else will be rocking your look.” I can get with that! So what can we expect?

I am imagining contemporary cuts, prices (mid-range around $100+), and bold pieces and styling- not for the demure or shy. Definitely for the plus size woman who wants to stand out and make some noise! While this may not be for everyone, there are definitely a few that this shop will appeal to (me included)!

“No one else will be rocking your look.” I can get with that! ”

Marie Denee

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